Receive Payments API

Accept Cards, Mobile Money, Bank Account Payments in a simple and convenient way from your customers

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eCommerce: Accept card payments from 180 countries

Customers from different places, pay in different ways, Jenga lets you embrace them all. From international payment card providers like Visa and AMEX to digital wallets like PayPal, AliPay and WeChat Pay, we make it simple for you to complete transactions with ease

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mCommerce: Accept mobile money

Mobile money is now mainstream. However, every provider and telco requires single point integrations to each of them; a complex and daunting task to get your business up and running. Jenga does all the heavy lifting and integrations for you. Multiple mobile wallets, multiple providers, multiple countries, one Jenga. Explore our mobile wallet APIs today!

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bCommerce: Accept bank transfers

bCommerce the new cool? For large value payments it certainly is. Accept bank transfers using modern banking rails and switches that offer real time money transfers from bank accounts.

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Fraud and chargebacks

JengaAPI inbuilt fraud service detects and blocks fraud for any type of business using machine learning that trains on data across partner organizations, avoiding the downside of chargebacks.

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